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So far no good; since they all use showani, and showani always uses the exact appearance of the calling NPC...
I got around them all using the same head by using a param instead of #3...
but if I send in param2 instead of body, it won't recolor, it'd always be the basic colors...I could do different bodies, but they'd be the same white-red-blue-orange-darkred pallet. If I could get a graphics guy to draw some body sprites of like, "body.png rotted away with some neutral colors", I could have as many combinations as the artist bothers drawing...I wouldn't need the whole body.png, just walking sprites and maybe dying sprites...:-P
Ironically if I redid the whole damn thing with Kingdoms sprites, I could use as many combinations as exist, since they're standard un-recolored graphics roight? Could just send it as params...
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