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Originally Posted by kia345 View Post
Perhaps some way of temporarily increasing capacity, like having a pack animal or NPC servant (survivor?) to carry things? They could be much more easily killed than you, but an animal typically holds more and runs from danger, and the human could defend themselves, albeit pathetically without you.
I thought about that, and I got Peo trying out a carrying system first; if you're carrying a big box of supplies, you can't attack, making it a different sort of challenge. Since it's going to be a custom system anyway it should be pretty easy to set it up so you set down the crate of supplies rather than throwing it into a wall, and if we have to go to a "Gravity Boots" style slow-down script that works too.

There are going to be NPC Survivors, but so far they're planned to be left in the outposts as potential hostages more than anything. You do not want your hostage to get abducted and executed. It is bad times.
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