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Originally Posted by geneticfrog View Post
i would love to hear reason why people want to keep observer mode as it is.

it would be entertaining to read im sure ..

I like the fact that you can't be disconnected for idling, so I can idle anywhere with my classic account. ;D

^-- Classic accounts that we payed for long ago and don't give anything special. I don't enter OB on classic servers, I don't even like to play the classic servers.

Originally Posted by geneticfrog View Post
UN has no limit in content and can be a gun, rpg, zombies, card games anything the staff decides to create.
Besides the horrible and rude personality players and staff, this is why I don't like to play UN. It has no direction.

Era... well I don't like guns.

Zodiac I use to like until it became complicated and hard to play.

Klaria I use to like before it became Valklaria. [It was even further updated and more confusing, I couldn't pass the intro because it said not to without reading, and there was too much to read. I decided to leave, so I can come back later and actually read it.]

Classic I'm sure is fine, but there is nothing to do without a sword. ;D
And for me to be unique on it, I refuse to get the sword, and keep my protected tag.

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