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Originally Posted by oo_jazz_oo View Post
Just discovered something.

Now, I don't know much about particle emitters and stuff, but I found a problem with the snowfall on UN.

Basically, the script has the particle image changing every .5 seconds, so it changed the image for each new snowflake.
On v5, changing the image of the particle would only change it for new particles...

On v6, it is changing the image for every particle, ones already created, and new ones.

Not sure if this is a glitch, or if it was a glitch in v5.
The script changing the image of said particle is:
Graal Script Code:
findimg(200).emitter.particle.image temp.newimg
It's an optimization, if you have only one particle template and only simple modifiers then it will try to draw all particles at once instead of drawing it one by one. You could eventually use several particle templates (emitter.particletypes = 2, emitter.particles[1].image = ...).

Originally Posted by ffcmike View Post
Perhaps not so much of a bug but I knew that within V5 while on a GMAP showimg type displays would not display while the parent NPC was not visible on your screen, this now seems to be the case with non-GMAP levels too in V6
It has been changed to only display stuff from NPCs which are visible. This was mainly for Era iPhone because some levels have hundreds of NPCs and the player only sees a small part of the level. The best is to use a clientside setshape() to make the NPC visible.

Originally Posted by ffcmike View Post
In another weapon script I had:
Graal Script Code:
if(dash != NULL){
temp.dash dash.attemptDash();

Using the same variable name with temp. and without and leading should be avoided. It is optimizing the use of temp. variables depending on how often you are using it inside the function. Once declaring a temp. variable all use of the variable name without the temp. will also direct to the temp. variable so you should not rely on that using the variable without a leading. before declaring the temp. variable will access the global variable.

Originally Posted by salesman View Post
player.dontBlock(), player.blockAgain(), and player.setShape() don't seem to work at all in v6.
Those functions don't exist
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