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This is from Sunny or as his account is called oranrene

It is a rare time I make an appearance on Zodiac (With the exception of giving items to friends that ask for them), so i'll make this short;
In the time that I was an Admin / Developer / Demigod / Whatever you wanna call me, I worked and was very good friends with Jerret.
To hear that he was fired, greatly surprised me. However to hear WHY he was fired surprises me even more.

Triple_Combo is someone that I ( or some other admin hired for some position (I believe GP) for staff. Triple_Combo's time on RC was very short. Not long after his / her inception, It was brought to my attention with a VIDEO that this player was USDing his / her items. Accompanying this, I also chat logged every staff member that we hired to keep track of just what they were doing. The chat logs and the video matched up perfectly.
Upon this discovery (And having the utmost disdain for anyone who USDs and ruins the games economy), the player in question was stripped of their RC rights / Staff job immediately. Afterwards, they were jailed (Or banned, I cannot recall 100%) for some period of time and blacklisted from ever being rehired as staff.

The fact that Jerret was fired over this says 2 this

1.Sinkler, you've went from a nice kid to a corrupt punk since i've left and you're pushing your own agenda or someone else's agenda.
2.You've been ill-informed or made a very poor decision. This, in return, reflects on your age.
Triple_Combo's reset has nothing to do with Jerret's removal. Things like this had been done in the past (Along with permanent bans) to players that were well known / proven to be USDing. It has never justified the removal of a long-term staff member who pretty much rebuilt the game up. I'm 100% positive I had done much more to someone who was guilty with much less evidence.

So, with that on the table, here I am to discuss some other things:
I worked on the iPhone server. I worked on Zodiac for years. I've worked with Sinkler, Stefan, and a few other globals. And I've had to deal with Bell. And although she's usually very rational, I've known her to make very poor decisions frequently when she visited anything I was a part of. There have been a multitude of instances where the PWA/Global team has shown not only the most exasperating signs of bias, but outright CORRUPTION. I read a post somewhere that mentioned they're one big family / group of friends, and to that, I testify to.
It's quite obvious; Jerret stepped on the toes of the wrong person. There are no rational reasons why he was removed. The only obvious one is the entire deal with Triple_Combo, which, I've already ruled out as an inapplicable reason (Also confirmed by Sinkler in a chat I had with him).
Regardless of what they may try to tell you, there is an Agenda they're pushing and the manager will 100% be someone they've had picked out for a while.

And to answer the question before it arises, why do I care? Jerret was and still is a very good and long time friend. Zodiac is something he's very passionate about. Something he has loved doing. Something he has done for FREE, while Graal Online profits from his work through exp pot sales and other virtual items that players apparently, buy a lot more often than I ever thought. And Jerret has maintained all of this for them because it was something he enjoyed.
So, taking five or ten minutes of my time to draft up a letter in his defense when our friends did not (I'm looking at you, Sinkler and Bell) doesn't bother me in the slightest. I must reiterate, I'm most disappointed in Sinkler. I thought, seeing as we used to chat with him a lot on skype and he was trained BY us, that he would be a little less corruptible then this. But the age old saying holds true. That being said…
With all of this in mind, I'll be emailing this to Stefan immediately as well as having someone post it for me on the Graal Forums. He's currently on vacation in Germany from what I understand, and he'll have plenty to answer for when he gets back : - ). Till next time, guys.

-Matthew "Sunny" Ruland
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and i think that a Zone Admin should have some sort of knowledge of Zone.
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Fail. Its because the forums are more fun than the actual game.