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Originally Posted by Crono View Post
hyping a game and outright lying are two different things though
All you're getting at is a flaw in development transparency. If Nintendo had shown us early versions of some of their games, and told us of some of the promise the development of that game has, people would hold them to the same unreasonably high standard that No Man's Sky was granted.

If you notice, in the few instances Nintendo has shown us beta versions of games, people FREAK OUT about it. People on youtube still won't shut up about the beta version of OOT to this day.

The only mistake the developers in both instances made was being too transparent; to give the players an inside look at the development of their game and into what possibilities are going through the developer's heads.

Both parties (the developers and the players) are at fault, but only one of the two parties deny any admission to guilt. The players need to stop being so hard on developers. Before criticizing others people should always consider first if they have made any perceivable blunders themselves.

In this case, and in the case of video games in general, players of video games have a lot of verbal input. But if they want to change anything in the industry, the first step would be to try and make a game themselves before criticizing the hard work of others.

I would like an industry where development can be totally transparent. But as I have demonstrated, whiny people ruin it. Thanks!
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