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Smile Dev itsCyber Hiring All Positions!

Dev itsCyber is hiring!

My new server "Dev itsCyber" is looking for Staff we are recruiting the following:
  • LATs
  • GFX
  • SFX

I am currently working with a classic tileset. The server will be a freeroam with quests, events and lots of other fun activities, we are also open to new ideas as I want this server to fit everyones preference basically make it something everyone wants. We will aim to make this server have everything from basic swords to custom weapons like maces etc. Want it to be based in the old times as it would give things a old feel sort of like O'l West but better. I plan on calling the server Endeavour after everything is finished and ready to go!

We have recently started working at high standards if you are hired/recruited you will be expected to deliver the highest quality of content to the server. I also maintain a Skype chat so that everyone can keep in the loop with what is happening. At the moment the current staff are as follows:
  • Cyber - Owner
  • Redix - Co-Owner
  • Brandon - LAT Admin
  • Rage - PR Admin
  • iMask - Scripter
  • Jiimmy - LAT
  • RicardoJMR - Player Relations
  • SweetTea - Player Relations

Below is the Google Form which you can use to apply off the forums

Apply here:

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