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Fate's Valikorlia Application.

Account name: Fate

Nickname (What you usually go by, if applicable):

I've been known by several names: Fate, Fate Knight, and during my time in MHX I was also known as Turiel Hunter.

Time playing Graal (GENERAL):

I have 13 years of experience playing this game. I guess you can say I've grown up with it.

Usual server(s) played:

Until my recent return, I spent a lot of time on N-Pulse, Unholy Nation and Valikorlia.

Have you been staff on any Graal server previously?:

I've held staff positions on multiple servers.

If so, what staff positions have you held and for how long?:

I've been a staff member on Classic, N-Pulse, Graal 3000, Dolphonia and many other Classic servers from years past. It's been so many years that I can hardly recall all of my experience.

Why would you like to work on Valikorlia?:

I've been an avid fan of roleplaying since the early 2000's. I took the time to refine my craft by spending time roleplaying with my friend Bri (known on Valikorlia as Pamina.) I played several characters in my time, mostly supporting characters.

In recent years, I've contributed a lot of my own character blogs and in-game RP in World of Warcraft on the Wyrmrest Accord (US) server. For those interested, you can view most of my writing connected to my account on that site:

In your own words, what is the job description for the position you are applying for?:

As an uploader, I'd play a helpful role in aiding the other staff with lightening the work load on Valikorlia. I'd work to ensure that the graphics submitted are legitimate, meaning that they are unique works by the player and not infringing on someone else's work.

What makes you suited to be a staff member on Valikorlia?:

I've held plenty of staff positions for long periods of time and been a helpful member of the community for years. I also appreciate and understand the concept of roleplay, ranging from respecting different play styles and adhering characters I create to the lore of Valikorlia.

Either from your own experiences playing or from what you know, what is something you like about Valikorlia?:

It's the only server that I know of that supports a roleplaying community on Graal. It encourages creativity and community involvement from a writer's perspective. I think we can all benefit from helping each other improve our characters through story and plot development as well as constructive criticism.

Similarly, what is one thing you do not like or simply might like to see change?:

I'd really like to encourage more people to write for their characters and be able to share their stories with others. If you take a look at the WoW RP server community site I listed above, you will notice there is an active forum and plenty of character blogs to read. I'd love to see more of that in Valikorlia.

Tell us a little bit about yourself. You don't need to write a novel, just give us a little idea what you're like!:

My name's Steve. I'm 26, and I enjoy long walks on the beach... okay, seriously. I've been playing this game a long time and I've made many friends. Growing the community is important in a game like Graal, getting everyone to play by the rules and encourage each other to be more creative is something I try to inspire in others. I'm generally happy to help anyone who asks, and I'll teach people if they want to learn something I know about. I have a positive attitude and I try not to let negative people get me down. I believe in equal opportunity and I give everyone the same respect I'd want to have given to me.

Is there anything else you would like to tell us?:

I've been away from Graal for a long time, but I'm coming back and I want to get involved with the community again. I'm hoping to bring roleplay more to the forefront as my primary reason for being here. I'm looking forward to meeting with you all!
Fate Knight
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