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* Accountname
* Kalyssa

* Nickname (What you usually go by, if applicable)
* Kaly

* Time playing Graal (GENERAL)
* I'm usually online every evening except if I have something planned but it doesn't happen that much, and I'm also online everyday from my office though I can't afford to be in front of my computer all the time. (GMT)

* Usual server(s) played
* I mostly play Graal Kingdoms, I've been playing it for about 10 years now.

* Have you been staff on any Graal server previously?
* Yes, I used to do some event development for Rudora, Delteria, N-pulse, Atlantis, Shaded Legend when they all were on Classic tab. That's pretty much the only job I enjoyed since it was quite entertaining to create events.
* I also worked as GAT on N-pulse for a while but it's not as fun as Event Developer. Since those great servers went down the only staff position I applied for was ET on Era where I worked for about 2 months.

* Why would you like to work on Valikorlia?
* I like Valikorlia authentic roleplay style though it could be improved to be more actual in my opinion. As you know it is one of the only server with Unholy Nation and Era which made it through the past years
* and I think it makes this server very unique, in my opinion Valikorlia allways had a higher graphic standard and more professional staff than any other server which kept it from being crushed by all the upcoming servers.

* In your own words, what is the job description for the position you are applying for?
* Uploaders have to check if player submitted graphics that they wish to be added to the server and to make them available as quick as possible so the players can enjoy their graphics in-game.
* Another of the Uploaders role is to make sure that the graphics aren't "offensive" in any way and that they respect the standard of Valikorlia. I believe Uploaders also have to make sure that the graphics
* were properly made (transparency was set, etc...).

* What makes you suited to be a staff member on Valikorlia?
* I'm someone very mature and available. I believe I'm a reliable and entertaining person. I'm used to almost all the Remote Control functions, I used it a lot during my past staff experience.

* Either from your own experiences playing or from what you know, what is something you like about Valikorlia?
* As I said before I like Valikorlia "authentic' style, I think it's the only server which kept it's personality, all other servers went through a lot of change to fit with players requests and sadly it made them more attractive to kids which happened to be very annoying for us oldbies who grew up with Graal and expect a bit more of maturity from the community.

* Similarly, what is one thing you do not like or simply might like to see change?
* Back in time Valikorlia had a simple experience gain system which was quite fun in my opinion, I believe it could be a good thing to have it back.

* Tell us a little bit about yourself. You don't need to write a novel, just give us a little idea what you're like!
* Is there anything else you would like to tell us?
* I'm 24 years old, going 25 this year, I manage 2 company I created and developed on my own. Since my companies are running very well and that I have some people who work for me most of time I have some free time when I'm at my office and I wish I could use this time to help of my best with the server.
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