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<Insert Server> has a low playercount this very moment. Its dead!

Server playercounts fluctuate...drastically...if there was some good content, there would be higher playercount. This also fits in with subscription prices, but thats a whole 'nother story. (And hopefully will be fixed soon, Stefan >: [)

UN Is not doing good, because theres nothing to freaking do on UN. I logged on the other day, and there was absolutely nothing new...I logged on the day before easter and asked the staff what was planned for Easter. The answers I got back was either "I dont know", "Nothing", or "I dont log on enough to know".

I even asked Crono, and he just said "X and X were working on stuff". The day before Easter...Easter used to be such a good holiday for didnt have to make didnt have to come up with super awesome threw some eggs onto the gmap...and people were content.

But, apparently, we cant even do that now! But, I will stop there so this doesn't because a 'flam UN' post, but w/e.

Anyways, my point is...well, idk, I started typing this post, and it flew off in another direction; so excuse me if this post makes absolutely no sense. lol

I think the point I was going to make at the beginning was that PC Graal is "dieing" because theres no worth while content to make people stay, and nothing to look forward to. o_o


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