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Originally Posted by Admins View Post
It's funny to see people complaining that "graal is dieing" but once we get some players the same people say "They scam us" (ok they were doing that before too).
We are trying to hire people from the Graal player base and also create ways for devs to make money by creating or managing servers, this is a work in progress.
Where are these players? They certainly aren't on PC graal. And what makes you think that Facebook graal will be a hit? This isn't 2001 anymore, there are THOUSANDS of other games like graal - with better graphics, support, and communities.

If you new anything at all about running a business, you would know that communication with your clients is essential. It's great you and Uni decided to drop by this week, but what about next week or the week after? You shouldn't be an impossible person to reach. Imagine if the Obama administration just went silent. The U.S. would be in the dark and I am sure much conspiracies and chaos would arise. The same is happening here. Want people to think Graal is alive? Give us an update once in a while, or heres one we can all agree on - Answer the ****ing question in the thread you post in. All to many times you ignore the main question of a topic. (Someone called Uni out on that earlier in this thread.) Use those things between your legs and people will begin to respect you once more.