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Originally Posted by Demisis_P2P View Post
Also I still can't see micro transactions working if we still need to buy gelats first. Paying $30 for a bunch of gelats is NOT a micro transaction.
The idea of micro payments is that paying $2 fifteen times seems like a lower cost than paying $30 all at once, and gelats remove a lot of the ease of what should be a very quick and very simple payment.
I don't speak for Unixmad, but I would assume that since the gelats at the moment are used for subscriptions, and thus need to be a large amount at a time with it being 300 gelats per month, then with subscriptions gone - much much smaller gelat packs would be offered at smaller prices.

I don't know specifically how the iPhone/iPad/iPod one works exactly, but when I get e-mails from their customers who e-mail the wrong address about gelat packs, they get something like tiny bundles at such a measly and manageable price which, with the removal of subscriptions to be replaced with gelat shops, would probably end up mimicked here.

For a bit of mathematics: With the cheapest subscription package at the moment (2400 gelats for 8 months gold charged at 300 per month, no bonus gelats added), that's around $33US total but just over $4US per month. Pay $4US and get 300 gelats to spend at these Gelat Shops and most wouldn't care about $4US off their backs. Much better than a huge chunk, that's for sure, which would make sense to be set at in these little packs compared to how they are now.

Again, obviously can't speak on behalf of Unixmad.
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