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I know a decent amount of great level designers, but I can't just force people to join the team. If they want to be part of it, they have to apply. I will never randomly choose people I know of.

Talking about the GDT, I keep hearing we are just a bunch of lazy developers and, even better, that I'm not doing my job as a leader. That is not true at all, we do discuss about a lot of things, and you have yet to see any work from us because:

-Some projects are not done completely
-We are not working 24/7
-I'm still waiting for someone to request our help
-Still waiting for some features to change too (gold disabled for the wiki for example)

Err, sorry but I had to say it. For anyone that happen to read this, stop thinking we are lazy, because we are here, right infront of you, always ready to help.