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Originally Posted by Tigairius View Post
Are you sure you're using the profile system from "Login 2"? I remember fixing both of those things.

Make sure you're using the profile and playerlist system from Login 2.
Yeah, I was using the login1 playerlist because I didn't see the updated opening post, so forget the profile errors. Here are some bugs on this one though:
  • The ability to see your buddies/guild members online that aren't on the same server seems to be absent, but it does work in the login1 playerlist.
    Update: I see the option is unchecked in my playerlist options, but I can't seem to check it? Along with other options.
  • The guild tab (second along) doesn't display people online and on tag that are in the guilds once you've expanded them, even when refreshing. One person showed when I didn't have their guild expanded, and another was always there but at the bottom of the list when I hadn't expanded any guilds.
  • When you open up the server tab (third one along) and expand some servers, the players don't appear under the server that they're from, they just list at the bottom.
  • If I scroll to the bottom of both the guild and the server lists (using page down or arrow keys) it will open a PM for the last person on it.


Originally Posted by Tigairius View Post
+ When you drag external windows across the screen, it quits drawing the main Graal window. It would be nice if it continued to update other windows instead of doing this while you're dragging a window (Note: winXP and lower only)
This also happened to me when I first started playing with the client (told Skyld) but I can't replicate it anymore. I'm on Windows 7.
Originally Posted by Loriel View Post
Seriously, you have ****-all for content and you're not exactly pulling in new developer talent, angling for prestigious titles should be your last concern.

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