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Let me get this straight.
You're going to entice developers to finally band together, work together, and contribute more, something that has proved an impossibility on a large scale for quite some time now, by throwing a non global RC global team at things and giving them the all fulfilling feeling of working together to do something meaningful?

Give me a break. There would only be one reason a person would join the damn team, and that is for a position of power, that doesn't really have all that much power, just some new team flair.

You're looking to entice talented devs, yet most talented devs wouldn't contribute to this at all, just nab a not so enticing global position and fade away(like the GST, which had more rights and authority that what is proposed here).

The fact is, developers that are talented enough, will only really focus on projects and tasks that interest or benefit them, because there is simply no drive to work on something you don't want to work on in this game. There is no incentive, monetary or otherwise to join this team, beyond being on an omg global team(with no power or authority, might I add).

The only way you'd form a team like this, is if there was a benefit to it.
Beyond the promise of global power, etc etc, there's little to no reason to do this unless you get a chubby from working as a team, and judging from the state of development as a whole on this game now, there isn't very many people that do.

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