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Originally Posted by Unkownsoldier View Post
Well this is how it is, we pay to play this game, we pay to make this game, we pay to play the game that other people who payed to play payed for. "they" just reap the benefits, its a money making thing, this was actually a brilliant idea on "their" part because they get payed so people can develop, and for the players who play those developed servers.

Also, when a server is realesed, it gets around 80-150 players, look at Bomy Lands, last time. The day it came out there was almost 200 players. Babylon at one point had 250 players, but after that they slowly fade away back to the crappy servers. The problem with Graal is that the game never ends, there is no final level, there is no plot, there is nothing but kids-teenagers-adults making a game with no experience at all, so of course no one wants to play.
Honestly, who the hell are you?

You speak like the worst kind of newbie, yet you have a forum post from 2001 in your signature. Is that some sort of cover?

Graal could be better, IF:
  • Development tools were modernised.

    • The remote control is fine, but it should stick to what it was originally designed for, dealing with players without having to load up the game.

    • If I'm any sort of development staff, I should never need RC access, at all.

  • FTP would return, or at least some *kind* of FTP, allowing backups to be made and versioning tools such as SVN to be put in place.

  • Scripters had better means of creating and debugging scripts

    • Maybe with Eclipse. Edit a script, hit debug, Graal should come up and display the results of that. I am sure with Stefan's expert knowledge of Java he could create an Eclipse plugin that would make this possibile easily.