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Originally Posted by Thrashsoul3 View Post
I see where Spanky is coming from here, a lot of us oldbies still love graal and really would love to help make it better but it feels that CJ has done everything in its power to make it fail.

it seems that every time CJ has tried to "improve" graal, they've only made it worse and less unique of a game and an engine. the only good thing CJ ever did since like, 03-04ish is implement GS2. nothing else done by CJ has improved graal at all, and the current state of graal is more than enough back up for this claim. i agree that if stefan started up a new (classic hopefully) server, developers would flock to him, CJ would be behind the project, and a truly awesome server could be produced - but it doesn't look like he's interested in doing any such thing. it would be nice if he responded to threads like this one so maybe we could convince him into it, maybe even shoot him ideas and have some constructive criticism of what he brings to the table - but, it just doesn't seem likely.