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Originally Posted by Aknts View Post
I played Graal back in its hay-day and it was free. Then it got a big boost with Graal2001 which was a fantastic server and I still think it is better then any server out today. I can't compare to Era or the ones that aren't like Graal at all. Even though Graal2001 was P2P it still had tons of players and content updated everyday. I might be wrong but I think it was cheaper to play it then the cost is now. If the price was lowered a little I think there would be more people playing. I mean I had an account I paid for and I spent 1000+ hours on Graal2001. Stefan spent his time on it and it was fun. Now we have Kingdoms with 20 players on it. The Zone or whatever the other one is with little players on it. With a mix of Stefan doing a new Graal player worlds like Graal2001 was and lower the price of Gold, I think more players will start to play.

What do you guys think?
Well I agree with you pretty much and yes you are an oldbie you been around for awhile
but also lets see right now people are buying player world and account upgrade pretty much i just see graal as Stefan's extra pocket change at the moment. i mean he needs to be more involve with graal to get more people to get more money. if he is working on something the seriously post in on the forums so we know about it. pretty much graal looses 1player per week. i see people all the time saying good bye my fellow graal people. i might return one day. which is true they do come back sometimes but they don't stay vary long. I think graal could be like it use to if stefan would work on a new PW like back in the day when graal was free not p2p oh wait n/m. Graal will never have as many players as it did when it was free. but anyways im done with this topic. and this is my input and im not putting down stefan in anyway. he is probly just taking a break from graal drama.

Originally Posted by JackOd View Post
did anyone else see "Cubical killed rice2k with lightning (spar)" flooding the right side of the screen yesterday? You killed the poor guy like 5 times a second