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Either drop the prices or free up the trial restrictions a bit.
Right now, the population is indeed down a slow but steady decline. Decreases in players are bad for the game on multiple fronts. Servers are less fun to play if they are barren, the higher your population, the more fun the server is to play, regardless of content. Also, by losing players, we lose potential developers down the way. Also, restricting things regarding rented servers. This only spreads the population AND the development population thinner and thinner. Not many of these servers reach a point of completion anyway, so it all ends up being wasted effort.

Main point, we're not gaining players and the low amount we have now don't make this game very fun to play regardless of content to the new players that try things out. We're also not doing ourselves a favor by being all spread out on UC servers that will realistically never be completed.

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