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Originally Posted by ViperZakuto View Post
Well.. Stefan could scrap G3d... hopefully he already has. And Try to get people to help him build a new server. It would be great. It would have to be much bigger than 2002 though.

A lot of older players would come back and play. How many people come back to Graal Kingdoms and Say... well same old same old. It would be cool to come back one day, or hear from an old graal friend talking about a new server. I know I would play a good bit more. As long as it has a more concrete lvling and Fighting system. add more room for quests, and such. It might take a long while... but if you find the right people who are interested... it may work out.

try investing some of the money that comes in off of graal in itself, on a new server. And if it takes off you can keep the staff happy. And the bugs will be fixed, and will be updated regularly. It is not gonna make more money unless you make updates to gameplay.

This server shouldn't be a boring shooter. it should be more like graal. That is what graal is about. If you want to go Hack and slash, you can... or if you want to go RP with friends you can. The more concret lvling and fighting system would make it more interesting. Different races, classes, and stuff like that.

open up the applications... and see what Graal as a community is capable of. I know there are very talented people out there in it. People don't like GK anymore (I do for the community)... Make a new server everybody can enjoy.
I like most of those ideas for the most part. I also think it'd be superb if the globals could help develope playerworlds with 'potential'. And by potential i mean mostly Classic servers working on a large/new release project such as Delteria, and Hosted Servers. Of course this would never turn into a priority for them, but it'd sure be nice. They'd be surprised at what comes out of doing so.
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