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MiniOne's Application

1. What is your Graal account name?
My account name is MiniOne.
2. Do you have gold?
Yes I do have gold.
3. What is your past experience? (Please post only relevant experience such as creation of news, and updates on
I don't have any experience besides just posting updates in my spare time on the graal forums.
4. What would you like to do if given the position?
I'd do weekly updates on servers. (Note that I do play most servers and have a insight on most of them)
5. Why should you be given the position over the other applicants?
I'm active on forums. I'd be able to ask admins for the correct information if needed. I also have a good knowledge of the graal engine, scripting and can supply information about almost any graal related matter. Also I do not allow others to cloud my judgment, all posts I make are based on what I believe and not on what others may say.

If its possible I'd just like to edit the pages for Gold servers Since I have the most insight on GK and Zone but if needed I can also do Zodiac, Era and any player world.
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