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It is kind of pathetic that we are still seeing people trying to justify the cost, as though players are supposed to be upgrading for reasons other than their personal enjoyment. It's not selfish, it's not unwarranted, it's the reason people buy things for, and why shouldn't they? It's their money. I've responded to this kind of attitude already, so rather than repeating myself as apparently that's all everyone does, I'm just going to quote it again as some people still do not seem to understand the concept of a purchase.

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A business transaction is only made when both parties feel it is a good deal. The reason that Graal is not gaining a decent profit is because many people don't feel it's worth the cost, and is it really? The majority of players have lifetime Classic, and that is all they need. People who do upgrade are usually upgrading to play Zone or Graal Kingdoms and although I don't see what people like in Zone, paying 36 euros for 12 months access and two updates within that time is not worth it at all.

Graal is not a charity case, consumers take into consideration what is best for them when making a purchase, not how it would effect the business they're buying from so what kind of stupid reasoning is that? The prices for a Graal subscription are overly expensive for what you're presented with, what you've got to deal with, and the lack of appreciation you receive as a paying customer. Graal is ridiculously priced within the entire market, and there are many other free games out there to choose from. The pricing plans are not steep, they're extremely stupid.
The pricing strategy used (if there even is one, lol) on Graal doesn't appear to be working. I was going to upgrade someone at Christmas, but decided against it when I seen the price and the lack of quality updates on the servers I'd be upgrading the person to play on. In order for people to actually buy into this product, both the pricing and the game content needs to be good. I do not agree with bringing back "lifetime Classic" though, that'd just be stupid.
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Seriously, you have ****-all for content and you're not exactly pulling in new developer talent, angling for prestigious titles should be your last concern.
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