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Originally Posted by LoneAngelIbesu View Post
In fear of this turning in to a clone of every other topic on management, did you ever think that it's possible that the forum-base isn't as deserving as it likes to think? I'd much rather help those that play the game without constantly stabbing me in the back, while simultaneously demanding more attention.

Just a thought, though...
We aren't talking about Server Staff making new things and experiences. We're talking about the actual STAFF of Graalonline - you know, the people that get paid with REAL money. On large, a lot of great ideas are just filed away without any attention what-so-ever. And customers are, for the majority, completely ignored.

@ CharlieM:
I doubt anyone is BUYING new things for Graal - Hardware or Software wise. I haven't heard of a Server Upgrade in a while, and all of the Graal Software is written specifically FOR Graal. This is free, because it's the Developers of Graal making it, not an outside third party.
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