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I disagree entirely with changing the name used for GK....

Its simple, you change community name, then all of a sudden your kingdom thinks your someone else.. I vote NO... bad idea.. account names (NOT NUMBERS) have been much easier to keep track of.

These numbers are hideous, even more so the PC ##### thing I see randomly running around. If Observer mode wasnt bad enough, I'd never join the game because I want an account NAME not number.... Your just lucky I have an older account with a name still. Just don't go changing that on me too now...

I suppose being around since about 2001 has got me to like account names... sort of like an old habbit really. These numbers make me feel out of place, as if I was in a different game entirely. Not to mention your website is another peice of overhead that can cause yet more problems, usually as it likes to crash and fail to respond alot.
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