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I am disappointed. I came on here yesterday to see what was new and saw that you would be announcing something. "Okay, I'll come back tomorrow. Maybe it's G3D!"

I come on to see this crap. Instead of working on something already released you go and make another version of the same exact thing that probably won't have as much flexibility as the current PC Graal. You would think that a company would work to get more people attracted to an already almost-finished product rather than show off to a whole new user-base that probably won't stay for long. You would also think that they would work on something that had real potential, like Graal 3D. Nope! Instead of paying developers to make a game that many people were looking forward to and that would probably advance their game in the market, you go and make a whole new way to play, completely separate from the other ways, to open to a new user-base. Why is that? How long will those people really stay and play? After a week or two it would get so monotonous with no goal to it that people will leave. Personally, I would much rather a few Graal PC servers worked on by a real team of developers at Eurocenter that would eventually be a full game (advertised, people taking an interest, etc.) than having all of these platforms worked on by a team of PC players, thinning out developers, and playing separately with their user-base dying out soon enough. Also, instead of making this and the iPhone version only free to play, why not make PC Graal free to play with benefits you can buy (server, working on a UD server, etc.)?

tl;dr: This is crap. Eurocenter's whole business plan is crap. Whine, whine, whine.

Just my 2 cents.
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