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Originally Posted by DarkCloud_PK View Post
Anyone can say that to shoe them in to head this thing, you even hinted that "global RC would be a nice perk". Even if your intention is pure, you're one person.
The trend in this thread amongst talented devs is that this would be an epic failure.
Well I don't know why those other talented devs work, but I know why I do so I can only speak for myself.
Originally Posted by DarkCloud_PK View Post
They're scattered because the system in place now, for how development works, allows them to scatter themselves to work on projects that interest them, either by heading up their own server, or working for an existing one where they have significant say in what goes on(most scripters on servers have significantly bolstered RC and folder rights beyond what they need to do their job, and sometimes unneeded authority aswell).
This is extremely true.
Originally Posted by DarkCloud_PK View Post
Talented developers aren't scattered by chance, longing for finding each other and working as one cohesive group, its because they've become so rare and desired, that a lot of them have a huge ego, and egos don't work well in a group setting. So they scattered more and more throughout the years, what will magically make them finally collaborate in a group to do something meaningful, without some drastic changes being made?
As I said, Stefan needs to do his part if anything is going to change.

And, note that Bell said the team members would still be able to work on their own projects where they wish. It would not require the team members to work in a group if they don't want to, but it would make it easier I believe.
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