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I love the concept of being cross-platform, but I can honestly live without the possibility of any servers being iOS/Mobile because... it's just not very fun, in my opinion. Valikorlia is basically a glorified chatroom, and mobile chat has never been very compelling for the Graal product so it's the very lowest of our concern. How people spar or PK with those controls, I'll never know. Facebook, though, that would be something. The advertising along would net us a few hundred players, and that is all we really want before we can look at making them more money.

I really don't appreciate the very, very unprofessional manner in which Eurocenter/Cyberwhoever runs their business and treats their 15+ year veteran customers and developers, Jack. I really do not like it. It's kept me up at night. But I also doubt they would go through so much effort (a lack of effort on their end is the big problem here) just to pull a fast one on the remaining customers and developers on the PC/Mac client. It wouldn't surprise me, true, but it also would require them to keep a lot of secrets from people. I think they are more apathetic than evil.

We're here still because we have fond memories and the business model is (somewhat) working for us. If they decide to take it from us, I suppose it can be no worse than what they have already been doing for years now.

But I dream of better days.
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