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Originally posted by Darlene159
ETD, I would appreciate you leaving me alone, I explained a part of his post which I believed to be
What is it to you? Nothing....lay off
I'm not trying to bother you... and it's not like I'm trying to argue with you or anything. I was just trying to show that there was no need to get so defencive about his post. There is nothing wrong with making small updates, it is one way in which you can run a PW... There are even advantages to making those small updates, instead of waiting for big updates... though, there are advantages for both sides really.

Also, you seemed to act like what he said about your intentions was a bad thing... I mean, he said that updates were made to make the players shut up... which means, you made updates, to make the players happy... Isn't that ultimatly why we all make updates? to make players happy? I mean, if EVERY player was happy with bad levels, would you put the time into makeing them better? I doubt it, I'm sure you would put your time into something else.

So yea.. I was just trying to show why you had no reason to get defencive 0.0
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