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Delteria New Manager

Hello friends,

Delteria has gone through a change in management. Due to personal matters, Carlito has stepped down and I've taken over. (Please leave his personal matters away from this discussion. He is owed his privacy)

My primary purpose for this public notification is to state that this change in management focuses on new values for the development of the server. I am a much more open listener and appreciate public criticism that will help with completion of this long and drawn out project that I have been a part of since its early stages in 2006.

As I am now spearheading the project I would like to clarify that there were many things I disagreed with Carlito on. His lack of focus/direction, and creating clear instructions for simple goals. I focus entirely on simplicity. I believe making something simple, but well done - beats a complicated but shallow product.

Further information regarding Delteria's progress and newly clarified goals will be available for those here that would be interested in being a part of the project. Among these changes, Delteria will experience a graphical update on its tileset and baddies based on my current abilities as compared to back then.

The remnants of the Delterian-staff are all seasoned developers. Our intention is to release a simplified mobile product while bringing in the new elements that Carlito had already incorporated. However, Delteria will no longer represent itself as a server of scattered accessory features but will implement them in as purposeful and as essential to the gameplay as possible.

Please let me know if you would be interested in being a part of this humble project. Thank you.

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