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there is one way, but it is based off activity. you can use and combine the top sparrers for the week at the spar complex (currently godzilla) and the top gang players (godzilla is in second place right now). going off of those, godzilla is #1 when it comes to current active pkers/sparrers. this is solely based on current stats though.

now going off of the overall spar stats:

1. venom_fish
2. urmom04
3. csod123
4. aldreen95
5. bloodykiller
6. smasher
7. kidspy
8. kohola_king
9. ahigherpower
10. PunkRules

top 10 for this week going by the stats:

1. Godzilla
2. urmom04
3. Storm_P2P2
4. ep47225
5. skyler10
6. shadow212
7. Twisted_Metal4
8. csod123
9. paintballdude956
10. Jesse4Life

shame there is nothing like that (all-time stats) when it comes to gang points (maybe there should be?). gang points only does weekly. but anyways, neither is accurate (weekly and overall) for obvious factors; for example: koho isn't in the top 5 overall but I am sure he is a better sparrer than bloodykiller and aldreen95? kidspy is above him as well, but I am sure he is a better sparrer than him too (koho just isn't active as much). but the weekly one is the most accurate to use when it comes to the best current sparrers based off activity. if you were someone that just looked at stats only, then yeah, godzilla is #1 right now. washemplae tho.

also, why does the list not update the top gangs? it only updates top players. you have to press p to see the correct top gangs list and their points. talkin about when you press "=" to bring up the list that shows the top gangs, top gang players, and active base perks. the top gang players are correct and get updated, but not the gangs. I dunno about the base perks either.
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