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Originally Posted by Tim_Rocks View Post
Probably wouldn't be too bad to do basic development such as levels on a mobile device. I bet I could get away with scripting with a bluetooth keyboard.
Stefan mentioned that iOS can only support bluetooth on text input. So it might actually be possible. Don't know if he has it incorporated into graal tho.

Personally I think phone screens are to small for dev work. Tablets hold more promise, and with them getting cheaper all the time tablets are becoming more common.

I can say from experience with my tablet that developing for graal has been fun with it. Tho I use a 1st gen surface pro tablet. So it's running full windows 8.1 update 1.

I think we could get more benefit from these tools tho if they were offline not using your internet data. Could get messy trying to do pure online because those people who are not staff on that server probably would not be able to use them. Just a thought, why not separate apps for these that work offline?

Also, callimuc, thats pretty sexy looking editor you made there. I like it.
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