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Originally Posted by scriptless View Post
Sadly, so people do not have WiFi. And to make matters worse some companies now force pay-per-usage and you have to buy GB of data to be able to use it. The world wants to transit to this new model but the consumer doesn't. We prefer to be worry free and not restricted.
If that's the case, then just don't develop on mobile devices.

If you can't afford to do something, then you can't afford to do something.

Realistically, if one doesn't have access to an internet connection, wi-fi or otherwise, then MMO gaming prolly isn't something one should invest his/her time in.

Originally Posted by shrimps View Post
I still have unlimited Data and unlimited hotspot, yay verizon!
I am only slightly jealous. I had to give mine up when I got a new phone. However, I never come anywhere near my data usage cap because of the abundance of free wi-fi everywhere, and I have heard that Verizon limits the speed of the remaining unlimited data users nowadays anyways.
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