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Originally Posted by Urahara112 View Post
All that was done was handing down Manager position to clowns with a history of stupid and childish decisions and suddenly disappearing. There's only a select few to blame there.
Then obviously you are blind to the full situation that took place on UN.

Since I never really gave a public reason why the decision came to where it is today, I'll make it clear.

After about 50-100 support tickets and about 25 emails regarding UN we decided to investigate the situations that took place on UN. Shortly after we discovered that mostly a Popular guild group has taken over UN. This guild known as BTK would warp players to a torture house, and continuously PK new players or players they disliked with no way to escape (they was trapped after being warped there). This lead to us making UN at home, by constantly being on the server and placing UN on a probation period.

Shortly after we got numerous complaints about certain pictures of peoples private parts *cough no names* getting passed around the server (These allegations was true), UNs Ice started to crack at this point. Shortly after that more complaints about severe player harassment by certain individuals we all know. Finally since UN didn't ban them since they was BTK members I banned them. The staff started to relay RC conversations to these banned players and helped them avoid bans. We scripted protections against the players on the game in GScript and within the Engine to detect them

So we attempted to resolve this on our end since UN Staff was doing nothing about it. Again shortly after that UN hired back these individuals under a alias to work on some new map, Again the staff disregarded what we warned them about. Severe Harassment and Internet Bullying is a serious thing and you could be criminally prosecuted. Again we found out, and it always led to BTK. The leader of BTK at the time, was friends with these people that was harassing players, so we decided to remove her from management. Then another manager was put into place.

Shortly after that manager was put into place he hired this known harasser that was globally and locally banned on MULTIPLE accounts and to get even this person deleted the entire server and 65% of the accounts database. I restored all UNs systems, removed the entire staff team.

A well known UN Dev then came to me and said listen man, I would like to run UN. With a group discussion we decided to give this guy a chance (starfire-PH4). He seemed to not have much time for graal although he himself wrote some protections against this individual to keep him off the game. Shortly after getting Management of UnholyNations he stepped down and handed it to someone else.

Now Finally after his management, the vicious cycle started all over again. The new management undid all the work we put into UN by clearing it out from these toxic individuals. He unbanned the people we banned and told the people that was banned how to avoid our detection. That's when I had enough, removed the entire staff team, removed it off the list and haven't been back since.
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