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Originally Posted by ffcmike View Post
Carlito has stated that PC Graal is only kept open for people to practise development, that he does not wish to see it thrive as a game and that he would not even care if everyone were to leave it.

Whoever is going to practise development when:
  • PC Graal is almost completely dead as a game
  • A server such as GtA is actively held back (which doesn't exactly set a good impression on those contemplating to start their own project)
  • iOS project endorsement is a luxury exclusive to only the whims of Graal management and the home server of whoever happens to be the PWA Chief of the time
  • Rental server staff are neglected PWA support when their server has been compromised and only the owner is able to deal with the rogue staff member

is somewhat of a mystery.

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Mm, but not like it's any of my business.
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