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Originally Posted by cbk1994 View Post
Honestly, I'm not sure it would be possible for Eurocenter to offer servers of lower quality than the ones already being offered, at least given the problems of the past few weeks.
Originally Posted by GodlyAmbitions View Post
these servers are so horrible and its been so long since it has been horrible
if majority of the players in graal that are right near the server has 3 digit ping
not to mention 300s+ i think something is greatly flawed.
More motivation to simply make a free development server for players who wish to learn. Maybe then make PWA useful, and have them run the server and adding aspiring developers as well as current ones to have a place to improve upon their skills.

As far as buying your own server goes, it's not necessarily a bad idea and I'd probably encourage it, but for the sake of your money, I'd not spend it if there isn't a defined plan and a team already set in place. Otherwise chances of it succeeding are somewhat bleak, unfortunately. [IRRELEVANT PART HERE] What would be pretty cool though is just developing an iPhone server right away instead of trying to make a PC one first. That way you have a bunch of platforms open for you to potentially market to instead of scrounging for developers and players for a PC server.
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