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I wish many more of the developers or future developers were as clever as you, they just throw out the money to him without knowing the cons..

these servers are so horrible and its been so long since it has been horrible
if majority of the players in graal that are right near the server has 3 digit ping
not to mention 300s+ i think something is greatly flawed.

all they're doing is busy hiding it too, it's quite sad and uncharming..

why do they not provide us a better service when we're paying them? i also wondered why the developers had to pay to develope and never get payed for the ammount of players they interested and made them suscribe to graal, well it's really self explanitory, this is not worth our time when the guy that started it all is taking all the credits for what other developers worked hard on. might as well just
learn to script and make a browser mmorpg with minimal cost and earn money for your own good lol
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