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Originally Posted by Cubical View Post
Whenever I look for mobile games now I usually look to see if it has a PC counterpart so I can play it when I'm at home on the PC so I'm not straining my eyes on the phone and when I'm at work or waiting around. Cross device portability is where everything is heading not just games but legitimate work applications, social applications. Graal has the advantage that other online games do not have and that's to make its content available on all devices with it's current functionality. I'd play iClassic and iZone if i was able to play on the PC as well as my phone but I just cant stand spending hours staring at my phone.
I couldn't agree more with you, I'd also like to see keyboard support for the iDevices so I can get a PC feeling while I'm online. Could be a nice change of pace, not sure if it's already been done though.

Originally Posted by Gos_pira View Post
This. And also the profile window from v5 is better. The external windows should be worked on more so they behave more like native windows.

Maybe generate Gtk / Windows Forms from the scripts rather than rendering it like it's done now?
I understand this, but I've been using v6 for more than a year now (ever since beta), and exactly as Blue stated; I have no idea what v5 even looks like anymore. It grows on you, trust me.
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