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Opinion: echo != sendToNC

This has been posted many, many, many times in one way or another, I am well aware of that, but at least this isn't a request to just make something like an echo2() or sendToNC2() type thing.

Scripting Opinion:

echo() and sendToNC() should not do the same thing, so to speak. Here's what I think it should do-

echo() - Act the same way as sendToRC, but you don't have to worry about it ALWAYS starting with "Your Server Nickname (Server): Message" and can make it act the same as it would for NC so that anything before the ":" is in green, however everyone on RC can see it.

sendToNC() - Remain as it is and used for ONLY messages to be sent to the NC users.
This comes [from me] after seeing Tig trying to make something for detecting a form of hacking via GScript2 and it looks really bad when the only way for it to appear as:
Hacker Detection: Information
and only NC users can see it, and not RC users who may have the ability to do something about it, making it only possible for them to see it for it to appear like such:
Server Name (Server): Hacker Detection: Information
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