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Some new ideas (nothing big)

Here are some simple idea's that I think should be added. Most of them are just boring idea's, but I think they will improve the overall gameplay.

V5 Appearence:
Im not talking about the blue or anything, but I think it's overall look needs to be re-done. We've had that same list of servers in the same spot for atleast a few years not, most likely more. I think this should be changed. Once you load up Graal and select an account, the screen would load up all the news. It would fill it most of the screen. However, there will be tabs on the top of the screen. These tabs would be labled as follows.
-Account Information-
-Gold Servers-
-Classic Servers-
-Hosted Servers-
-Gun Servers-
-Sword Servers-
-Role Playing Servers-


This way new members will have easy access to all the servers, and they will know which server suite their fancy. For example, if you clicked on Gun servers, Zone and Era would show up. If you clicked on Gold servers, Zone and Graal Kingdoms would show up.

Not sure if this idea is entirely good, but I do think it would help out the new players, but maybe im just a dreamer. But im not the only one, I hope someday you will join us, and the world will live as one.
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