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Originally Posted by Supaman771 View Post
Well so, I was on Zodiac today after switching back to trial because I lack sufficient gelats to continue paying. Puppin (playing his patented 'puppin' class) came up to me and used his special 'puppin ray' skill. This turns you into a 'puppin'... which reset my custom head/body back to default because 'please subscribe to get more cool looking heads'.

But thing is, I did subscribe to get my 'cool looking head' and set it how I liked. And I'm not going to go spend $24 (or whatever the cheapest subscription is) to fix my head because they decided to come up with some 'joke' skill.

I asked every staff, even the manager said he can't fix it... now, why?

I believe that once you subscribe you should unlock the heads (or at least the default 'head#.png' heads) indefinitely... because this is a joke.
I am sure this problem will be fixed once the new subscribing system is revealed
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