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Originally Posted by Fiberwyre_P2P View Post
Say it rewards you based the amount of kills you got within the last 10 minutes, regardless of deaths.

I say make people spawn with full health after dying
I like this but to me it doesn't really feel like a killstreak since you're dying in-between.

What I proposed is that your streak resets if you don't get a kill for like 60-90 seconds. If you run away or leave the battle for too long then you'd lose your streak. Likewise this prevents people from farming ridiculous (and what I'd call 'fake') kill streaks where they will sit in osl for 5 minutes and heal up and wait for all their elixer and armor timers then go kill whatever noobs they can find and repeat for hours on-end.

I also tried this full hp respawn thing, it doesn't really work since by the time you unstick you would've healed fully anyway with 2 bed ticks and a icecream. It just dissuades people from using food items.
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