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Originally Posted by ViperZakuto View Post
alright you were not a trial with the new system... so you don't know how troublesome it is... trial island turned away too many people.. wtf is your answer for that kid?

Trials don't have the same rights as gold members. So your argument here is null and void... you just keep blabbing stupid ****.
Wow you failed totally.

1) If a trial can accumulate hours, have stuff saved on their account and build houses I in fact consider them having the same rights as gold members except for a few differences that I do know. (they can't use the trade tables or the ferries)

2) Trial island didn't turn away a lot of people. In fact I remember a lot wanting to upgrade to gold to see what else there were.

3) Watch who you are calling kid. I am probably older then you are.

4) Just because YOU know trials now who will get a gold account doesn't mean they all will. That is an assumption that you will lose. In fact since V5 there are about 10-15 trials that refuse too. They said what everyone else but you have been saying. "Why get a gold account when my stuff gets saved". All they have to do is wait through observation mode and frankly they don't mind that it seems.

So you tell me where I am babbling. In fact I could probably bring in a few older players who would agree with me.

This thing about good business. I can agree with that to a point. What they have now is just a bloody excuse not to upgrade to gold. Tell me if you knew nothing about this game and no one on it and you are in this new trial mode and you learned your stuff is saved and you only have to put up with observer mode for a short time would you upgrade to gold. Think before you answer and be honest.
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