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Originally Posted by ViperZakuto View Post
I upgraded for gk. gk owns all over servers. thats all there is too it. there is really nothing to do but pk on all other servers. so they SUCK imho
I like how you use sarcasm in EVERY part of your post
Originally Posted by Gerami View Post
No, GK sucks.
Originally Posted by Twinny View Post
All you can do on GK is kill lords. Yeah...... boring.
And Trade! don't forget trading!!!
Originally Posted by Ravenblade1979 View Post
and do maps, pk people if they on bmode, lame afk people...

there is lots to do and more coming.
let's see all the things to do on GK
  • Lord Hunt
  • PK Bmoders(10% of GK)
  • Trade
  • Maps
  • Lame
Originally Posted by ReBorn_Spirit View Post
Too late, several trials allready have a house on forest. I'm sure I can always build them one for them if your going to "FIX" it -_-.

Instead of killing trials even more, lets fix some of the bugs and stupid little things on GK that have been around for years.

GK only sucks if you abuse every last bug it has. You may as well go down to walmart, buy a new game and then before you even install it, go look up the cheat codes and every other hack so you can beat it in 3 seconds flat. Nice world record...
why would anyone WANT to abuse it's bugs, if I recall, I think there's only level hacks, and who wants to lvl? a lvl 1 everything could beat a lvl 107 everything if they had better armor/weapons.
Originally Posted by ViperZakuto View Post
yeah or if ya usd to get your items...
like any new player that doesn't have connections and wants to play longer than a month or two

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