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Originally Posted by CharlieM View Post
Seriously, why does Squirt and cbk care about something that isn't a lie, if its bad to spread lies why doesn't deophite state a reason as to why he quit other then "I felt like it" maybe the real reason should be stated?
"I felt like it" is nowhere in my post. So why are you pretending it is? I said it was "personal". Facts are I have a life outside of graal and there are other things I need to focus on at the present time.

And this was my decision. So id appreciate it if you would stop trying to spread all these random lies about me.
Zting Ðarkmåne (Game Coordinator) (9/23/2004 10:06:44 PM):
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Deophite won the Team MES and a big ol' sack of tickets. For people who
think Deo's pretty much good at everything, we discovered his archilles heel.
He sucks at tic tac toe. Go forth, exploit his weakness. Bring him to his knees.
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