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Originally Posted by Minomato View Post
I have an idea. It's odd, but I just thought of it on the spot when looking at this thread.

There could be -something- like an antidote 'weapon', but exclusively for the medic, and the medic can't use it on him or herself. It could be the syringe that does such a task. Normally, it would poison enemies, but if used on an ally, it would remove the 'slow' effect generated by poison, but it wouldn't heal any health. In this way, you can't expect to 'syringe heal' guys on the other team, and it makes a good form of self defense while healing comrades, so even if you don't have hotkeys, you can quickly go on the offensive if necessary. There could be exceptions for the 'updated' syringe, however, such as a slower attack rate and/or more energy consumption. I wouldn't say, "put the antidote in the D slot and the stab attack in the S slot," because that would defeat the purpose of only healing your own team, unless there was a script that made the 'antidote' attack hurt enemies and cure allies.
Well we do have the medic's meding thing already, which basically does remove poison so the point in bringing in a antidote weapon for medic would be?
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The pistols look like they have cancer, reduce the big buboe shaped thing's size.