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New Player Packs Program!

Zormite Republic
New Player Packs Program

Hello! I'd like to introduce a new program for Zormite, New Player Packs! These packs are full of items to get new players on their feet with a basic set of armor and tools. While the armor and weapons are meant to eventually be replaced, it will hopefully give new players the support they need to get started in the game!

Any new, low-level player in Zormite may receive one of these packs. New players without a kingdom can be eligible to receive one as well, but it’s on a case-by-case basis. If you'd like one, just get in touch with LilyBeth, Starling, Bruxsa, or Mirar.

Each pack includes...

- 1x Wand
- 1x Flaming Sword of Aengus +7
- 1x Ebony or Composite Bow of Brigid +4
- 1x Ebony or Composite Bow of Govannon +11

- 1x Sustenance Amulet
- 1x Talisman
- 2x Any Ring

- 1x Snow Boots
- 1x Shield
- 1x Glok Belt
- 1x Golden Pawn Helmet
- 1x Gold Chain Mail
- 1x Bracers
- 1x Any Cloak

- 1x Shovel
- 1x Pickaxe
- 1x Scythe
- 1x Pliers
- 1x Water Can
- 1x Lumber Axe

This list may change in time, however! Any updates to it or the program will go on its page on our website.

A huge thanks to LilyBeth, who conceptualized this program from start to finish and who crafted & assembled the items for the packs. Also thank you to the members of Zormite who help by blessing weapons for use in the packs!
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