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Originally Posted by Jakov_the_Jakovasaur View Post
the problem here is that stretchx/stretchy/red/green/blue/alpha/mode/rotation/zoom etc are not synchronised between players

the most common way to accomplish this is to set a player.attr[index] value (these are synchronised between players) to a gani script (which are processed on every players client), and then set stretchx within that gani script
How do you modify the gani script or stretchx through the weapon script?
I am trying to do everything through that...

Allow me to elaborate on what I'm doing..

I have a system where the player can only move left and right.
All the player's ganis are set to singledir and they face left.
The system detects which way the player is facing and sets the stretchx according to that.

PHP Code:
if (player.globaldir == "left"){
player.stretchx 1;
if (
player.globaldir == "right"){ 
player.stretchx = -1;

globaldir is just a variable I made and sets when needed.

ANYWAY, I need the modifications done through the weapons script so other players can see. Help please

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