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Originally Posted by ApothiX

TServerWeapon only has one attribute because it is derived from TServerNPC, hence the reason I linked you to that too. 'T' is a common prefix for denoting objects, it is good practice to use it so that the programmer/scripter can easily know what the datatype/variable represents without having to search for the declaration in the source code.
Good point, but in that case, the wiki would help the person developing the Graal application(s) - which in this case is only one person, Stefan. (and whoever else in france that he has hired, who knows).

Shouldn't the public wiki made for the players be focuses on what the players will actually encounter?

For example, in stead of the top of the page being


perhaps it could be more like

Creation/Development/NPCs/Client/player.attributes that you can access and modify

a bit more wordy and less 1337 code looking - but that's what people new to programming need. This is a game engine that is ideal for new players. No one is going to pay you money to make npc's, at least not a professional software company. It should be written for the programming novice and beginner level, not for the one who has years of coding under their belt.
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