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Originally Posted by Skyld View Post
Overall, I'm quite impressed with Graal 5. I've not tried the Windows version, but I am happy with the Mac version. It is a big speed improvement, and the new font rendering is a lot clearer and nicer.

I've only really found one major problem so far, but I'd like to suggest that there is an actual Mac package installer (which I can help to create if necessary). I sometimes think that the number of folders that come inside the Graal disk image could perhaps confuse some new users.

Finally, I'd like to suggest that the Start bar at the bottom automatically appears when you press F8 to bring up the serverlist, and disappears again when you close F8 if you chose to minimize it. It'd be a bit easier to find the Install Packages option for people who keep the bar minimized, but are used to finding it in the serverlist.
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