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Originally Posted by Skyld View Post
Strikes me to be a possible problem with the Intel client, I've never experienced letters going out of order or anything. I'll see if Stefan can investigate it further.
The intel client is the same a the PPC, just running it through Rosetta emulation, which was greatly improved in Leopard. There shouldn't be any noticeable differences. Often, it will take a PPC program a bit longer to start up, but after that, it pretty much runs at full speed. For example, my version of photoshop is older, and runs on PPC. Rosetta makes it work on my macbook, but it takes longer to start up than on my G4 (1.4ghz). On the other hand, it can run the same filter over a large image faster than the ppc machine (it is a faster processor after all).
Now, I'm willing to bet that your iBook has a slower processor, slower gfx card, and less memory than my MacBook.
It should run a lot slower for you than me. Unless there's really something wrong with the Mac client (which I also suspect).

There's something more here. Again, I'd be the perfect candidate to test it. I do have a 1.4ghz ppc machine, as well as the 2ghz core 2 duo. Again, the problem with the whole system is that I can't, just because I don't own a server anymore.
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